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Rachel DeVore Fogarty

Rachel DeVore Fogarty an American composer.
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Rachel DeVore Fogarty's works have been commissioned, awarded and performed by organizations in the U.S. and internationally, including ACDA, KMEA, IAWM, NATS, the Bryan Symphony, the Fort Dodge Area Symphony, the Oak Ridge Symphony, St. Olaf College, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, SACRA/PROFANA, Oklahoma State University, University of Kentucky, Conundrum, Tapestry Singers, Muse (Cincinnati Women's Ensemble), Making Waves (Ukraine), the Young New Yorkers' Chorus, the Concert Chorale of Nashville, the Astoria Choir, Fresh Squeezed Opera Company NYC, the Six Degree Singers, the Astoria Music Project, the Princeton Girlchoir, Dulciana (Ireland), Voces Inauditae (Scotland), the Luna Nova Music Ensemble, Roane Choral Society, the Pittsburgh Compline Choir, the Bowery Trio, Sparks & Wiry Cries, Inversion Ensemble, Constellation Men's Ensemble, the Capital Hearings, Cantus and VocalEssence. Her works have been chosen for inclusion in Vox Reflexa's New Millennium Composers project, the Cro Patria Choir Festival, and in the London Contemporary Church Music Festival. Her string quartet, sky darkening early, was selected as part of a reading session with the Grammy nominated JACK Quartet. 

She received both her M.M. in Composition and her B.M. in Piano from Belmont University and now resides in Astoria, NY, with her husband, musical theatre composer Kevin Fogarty.

Light Considered: 
1. When all other lights go out; 2. A light in dark places 3. Ex nihilo

Clarinet, Piano


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