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Photo credit: Tamara Sawchyn

A New York native now based in Montreal, Christine Hoerning is an accomplished clarinetist, director, teacher, and creator across a multitude of genres. She is currently serving as the visiting professor of clarinet at the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam. 

An active freelancer with a classical background, Christine fills clarinet positions in orchestras throughout New York and Quebec. She has also filled auxiliary positions with the Kingston Symphony and the Orchestra of Northern New York. 

As founder and artistic director of the interdisciplinary collective Verisimo, Christine has curated numerous performances throughout North America showcasing classical and contemporary chamber music performed in synchronicity with original films. In 2019, she launched a new concert series entitled Filmprov which screens original and repurposed silent films accompanied by a live improvisatory soundtrack. Filmprov was featured in the 2022 LokoFestival. 

Her passion and enthusiasm for new music has led to collaboration with creative minds seeking out non-traditional performance spaces and opportunities. She performs frequently with creator Andre Pappathomas and the ensemble Mruta Mertsi in numerous installations focusing on creation and improvisation. A particular highlight was her role in the premiere of Slideshow, an opera by composer Rachel Burman which allowed for the exploration of sound, music, and movement. She is a featured soloist on the albums “Voyages” and "Minstral", a collection of works by Swedish composer Jonathan Ostlund released in 2019 and 2021 under the Divine Record label.

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