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Brian Dean Morales

Brian Morales is an American composer.
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Brian Dean Morales is a composer of music for theater, dance and cinema. His piece Threnody for solo clarinet is part of his chamber ballet, Strangers; written during the pandemic and premiered by Robert Davis.

Threnody from Strangers: A Chamber Ballet about Immigration

Clarinet Alone




Threnody is a solo for clarinet and is a movement that is part of a larger chamber ballet. It is the most intimate movement where Zanni, an immigrant, mourns their friend who is shot by a border agent. Threnody is piece written on reflection of some of the most tragic atrocities that have occurred in the legal grey area of country borders. It is hard for many to receive justice along the border; the work is a quiet repose in the memory of those lost.

Play as if you are mourning for all the immigrants in the world who are suffering.

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