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#No.Filter: An introduction to an exercise in vulnerability

This blog series is an accompaniment to the performance of #No.Filter: an exercise in vulnerability for clarinet, electronics, and film which will premier original works at Resonance Cafe, March 25 at 9pm.


An excerpt from one of the films to be debuted March 25, 2019


I've been waxing philosophical lately, not that I have any great ideas or particularly poignant thoughts about art and music but I have been contemplating them. One question which I have been turning over and over again in my mind is vulnerability in the arts and in music.

Do we need to be vulnerable in order to produce worthwhile art?

What does it mean to be vulnerable?

Then I began to reflect on my own life. I am not vulnerable. I do not let people in (despite how freely I may talk about somethings). In my mind vulnerability is tantamount to weakness and nothing in this world makes me want to crawl out of my skin like being perceived as weak. Yet, as I contemplated the place of vulnerability in art and music I began to wonder...

If I am not vulnerable in life, and worthwhile, substantial art requires vulnerability then can I ever create something of substance?

So that is what #No.Filter is, and exercise for me to open up and try to communicate something of myself in a real way.... with my clarinet.... and electronics.... and film....

My plan is to update "hopefully" once a day on my process, what I have been working on and how and to explain my work, its back story.... my back story, and what this all means.

I will admit it right now, this makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable, but again there is a small voice telling me that it should make me uncomfortable; that art ((not all, but some art) needs to push us into being uncomfortable. I think also that the benefits of finally sharing and getting to speak openly and frankly about specific issues will outweigh my present discomfort (and in some way might bring some comfort to others.)

So this is where we will leave iit for today. Stay tuned here for more background and details as I slowly unveil my story and join me in the final product at Resonance Cafe on March 25 at 9pm!

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