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Nadine Silverman

Nadine Silverman is an American composer.
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Nadine Silverman is a composer-performer based in Franklin Park, New Jersey. She recently completed master's degrees in music theory and clarinet performance at Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, where she is currently employed as a lecturer of aural skills. She completed her bachelor's degree in music theory and composition at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2019. Nadine also performs with the Pennsylvania Chamber Winds and East Brunswick Symphony Orchestra. Her music explores the depth of human emotion and how we interact with the physical world around us. Nadine’s versatility and skill as a composer-performer have been showcased through the performances of her own works throughout the country. In her work, she strives to create a larger chamber repertoire for the clarinet and concert band that is accessible and meaningful to all levels of performers.

Through the Motions-Variations on a Theme for Bass Clarinet and Piano

Bass Clarinet, Piano




Theme (rest)
Variation 1 (glide)
Variation 2 (wander)
Variation 3 (flow)
Variation 4 (bounce)
Variation 5 (dance)
Variation 6 (sway)
Variation 7 (sprint)


Sleeping with a Spoon Under the Pillow

Clarinet, Piano




If you live where it snows occasionally, you might have taken part in some rites of passage growing up. As a child, when hoping for a snow day, we would remind all our friends to sleep with our pajamas on inside-out and to put a spoon under the pillow at night. The nostalgic, ethereal experience of waking up excited at 3am, peeking through the blinds, and seeing nothing but a sparkling white sheet of fresh-fallen snow lighting up the nighttime landscape, is what inspired this piece. The feelings that accompany this experience—opening the window and smelling the crisp, clean winter air; being too excited to fall back asleep; and dreaming of the next morning filled with winter paradise activities—follow me every time I see snow falling. 


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