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Luka Vezmar

Luka Vezmar is an Croatian-American composer.
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Luka Vezmar is a unique musician, combining oboe, accordion, arrangement and composition to bring a new color to the palette of the music world. His musical journey began at only 9 months old, when he was taken to a Pavarotti concert. He has no memory of this, but his parents told him that he was so mesmerized, he didn’t move for the entire concert. He likes to say that this was the experience that flipped the musical switch in his brain. Shortly after than, he began piano lessons, for a very interesting reason. His hands and fingers were too stubby to play with Legos, and he was always getting frustrated, so his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. Little did they know, that 18 years later he would be majoring in music, studying oboe performance and composition. 

Luka then began playing oboe after hearing the Colorado Symphony in 6th grade. The oboist at that concert (who inspired Luka to play the oboe) was Peter Cooper, who he is studying with now at CU Boulder. He started studying accordion during the pandemic. Luka’s family is from Croatia and the Balkan area, so, as luck would have it, his father’s cousin was an accordionist. They connected and he was able to send him an accordion, authentically obtained from Serbian Ebay. He instantly fell in love with the instrument, and through learning the instrument, he discovered the tango and it became his favorite genre.

Music has been a big part Luka’s life, always, and he always strives to connect with the music and with his audience through the music. One of his big goals is to bring the accordion into the mainstream classical music world, through compositions that feature the accordion as a valid part of the orchestra. He always hopes his audience will leave with a sense of inspiration and a drive to make the world a better place.

Dreamscapes: for Bass Clarinet and Piano

Bass Clarinet, Piano




No Recording Available

Dreamscapes for Bass Clarinet and Piano is a 3 movement work based on dreams of the composer. The movements are titled, in order, The Wandering Clock, The Forest Dweller, and The Cursed Marionette. 

I hope you enjoy this piece! It really has alot of characters you can delve in to and explore many colors.

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