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What it is:

I'll Play That Series is a personal project for 2020. I am accepting submissions of sheet music to learn and record. 

The idea would be to learn, record, and post as much music as possible. The world has become a crazy place so I plan on overflowing my world with music in 2020.  I created a subreddit just to field and organize submissions of sheet music or you can submit them via the contact page on my website.


It could be serious, fun, or disturbingly difficult. I am extremely passionate about new music so I would love some original compositions too! 

I’ll give a date that the recording will be finished and tag you in the post.

If you like this initiative and my other projects please consider supporting my patreon 

The Rules for Submissions

  1. All music should be linked as a PDF, JPG or other downloadable document type and should be included in the original submission.

  2. All music submissions should be in treble clef

  3. Multi movement works will be limited to one


  4. All works will be performed on clarinet or a member of the clarinet family

  5. One suggestion per post. I will respond with the date which the piece will be posted with a special shout out to the OP/submitter.

  6. Submission posts should include SUBMISSION POST at the beginning of the title

  7. Don’t hold back. I love a challenge.


Thanks for submitting!

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