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Andy Jarema

Andy Jarema is an American composer
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Andy Jarema (b. 1988) is a music educator, composer, and trumpet player in the metro-Detroit area. He holds degrees from Michigan State University (B.A. Music Education/Jazz Studies Minor) and Wayne State University (M.M. Music Composition). He has a decade of music teaching experience in the public schools, including four years as a middle school band director in Howell, Michigan and four years as a K-6 general music/band teacher in Warren, Michigan. He is currently a virtual music educator at the Great Bend Center for Music in Washington state developing new curriculum to teach Video Game Music, Digital Audio Production, Family Ukulele, and other virtual music courses. As a composer, he has been commissioned by the Detroit Composers Project (2018), nominated for the Detroit Music Awards (2021), and featured in the Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival (2020-22). Andy received a Fund For Teachers fellowship in 2016 to explore the musical culture of Route 66 and has also served as an Artist-in-Residence through the National Park Service (Great Smoky Mountains in 2018 and Hawai’i Volcanoes in 2019).

Currents: 1983 Freeze Event

Clarinet, Electronics


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Currents is a weather data sonification project that musically depicts the NOAA’s database of the last forty years of billion dollar weather disasters in the United States.  This work for solo clarinet and live electronics (Max/MSP) embodies the Christmas morning air of 1983, which brought 22°F temperatures to Florida, destroyed 120,000 acres of citrus trees, and created $5 billion in damages.  The pitches for the clarinet were created by sonifying a 1983 temperature map.  The multiphonics, as well as the Max/MSP treatments (it highlights specific notes of the clarinet using reson~ filters and treats them with delay effects) creates an eerie, crystalline sheen.

I am happy to help out with the live electronics, as well as make accommodations for the multiphonic notes!

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