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Andrew Robinson


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Andrew Robinson is an American composer.
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Fantasy for Clarinet Quintet 2020 - Day Trip

Clarinet, String Quartet


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This short fantasy was written during the initial COVID-19 lockdown.
It is infused with the exuberance felt for a long-awaited day trip. It is a day trip where a family excitedly talks about the adventure they are going on; where the kids have to be warned to behave; where, inevitably, there is some not too serious drama, followed by apologies; where everything turns out alright in the end. 

The piece can be divided into four sections: 
Embarkation – lighthearted, filled with excitement and anticipation. Nothing can prevent this from being the best day trip ever. 
Getting Lost – the opening chords of this section make it immediately clear darker times have arrived. It becomes clear the group has lost its way; the cello despondently plucks its last notes, uncertain which way to go. 
Contrition – the clarinet declares they are lost in its low register. Apologies ensue with the extended solo passage for the clarinet. 
Found Again – their way is rediscovered with the renewed excitement heard earlier in the opening section. 


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